arielwallace: I hope you’re swimming in a sea of whiskey with…


I hope you’re swimming in a sea of whiskey with an endless case of cold Buds floating next to you right now.  I don’t have a hangover today (though i definitely SHOULD ya jerk) i just feel very beaten down. I’ll be heading back to Austin sometime in the next few months & i’m gonna finally see those damn BATS we walked all the way to see and’ll be there though, some how. maybe i’ll even hurt a strippers feelings again for you. You are loved and missed a whole friggin lot. 

I’m reposting this from Crucial for Richie: | “this is probably one of the most tragic losses we all will face and hopefully not another one for a long time to come. if you knew erich then you knew one of the greatest people that existed in our group of friends. he will be missed by all of us greatly. lets celebrate him and honor him the way he would have wanted all of us to do….. laugh, smile, live life and be good to each other. 

i know some of the dudes in texas are going to start some benefits there to help raise some money for erichs family for the expenses they will have. i suggest we do the same up here. if anyone has any ideas to raise money please bring it up to anyone of us. t-shirts, art, coffee mugs, proceeds from bars etc… this is going to be a big expense to his family and i’d like to try and help them out with it as much as possible and i know that we can do that. everyone hang in there and take care. love you all.


Godspeed my friend.

So bummed

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